• In 1963 Wayne Skeem, the founder of Siren-Operated Sensors, was running the family farm in Southern Idaho.  He had grown up on the farm and was tired of getting in and out of his truck.  Every time he moved from one field to another he had to open a gate, drive through and then close the gate.   His solution was Horn Gate, and our company was born.

    Horn Gate™ is a solar-powered gate that is opened by two beeps on your vehicle’s horn.

    Wayne has several patents on farm and electrical equipment.  In 1992 Wayne and Arlene started the company:  Siren-Operated Sensors. The SOS opens automated gates when it detects the "yelp" siren of an emergency vehicle allowing them to access gated homes, gated communities, and gated apartment communities.  The SOS sensor has been so reliable, simple to install and cost-effective that it quickly became the standard for Emergency Gate Access throughout the country.

    In 2009 we developed the SOS VIII which has replaced the SOS II. The SOS VIII has an exterior reset button, an improved microprocessor, and a ½ inch conduit connection.

    Today we sell Siren Operated Sensors throughout North and South America, and Europe.

    The company has since developed the following products:

    • SOS VIII
    • Gate Trigger™
    • SOS Silent™
    • Lights ON™
    • Horn Door™

    Due to his age, Wayne wanted to sell the company and still be involved with some of the new development.  So in 2007, he sold SOS® to his son-in-law, McKay Lundgren.   McKay and Wayne get together 2 or 3 times a week to review new designs and products.

    The latest product that McKay and Wayne have come up with is SOS Silent™.  This sensor opens gates to the sound of a siren just as the original SOS® has always done but, the added feature of SILENCE has now been built in.  SOS Silent™ will allow emergency responders to open gates silently when they want to use stealth, do not have a siren or there is no need to use a siren.

    McKay brings a new dimension to SOS® with his experience as a US Army officer and as a successful administrator in the Hotel Industry.   His skills and experience in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service will help us grow into the future.

    Other Members of our Staff:

    Aaron Lundgren:  Aaron takes care of all our computers and networking.  He has also re-designed our website and continues to keep our company up to date on all the latest changes in technology.