Siren Operated Sensor

RFID Parts


The SOS-T8 is an active RFID tag that will open a gate that has an SOS-GateTrigger or SOS-Silent receiver on them.

SOS T8 Adhesive

The SOS-T8AD is the super strong adhesive to attach an SOS-T8 tag to a windshield. It is the red portion of the image.

SOS T8 Hanger

The SOS-T8HG is a hanger allowing the SOS-T8 tag to hang behind the rear view mirror.

SOS Tune

The SOS-TUNE is the RFID tuning kit. It is a onetime purchase tool that you will need along with a laptop during the installation of the SOS-GateTrigger and the SOS-Silent.

Omni Directional Antenna

This is an omni directional antenna. It read range increase as the circumference of a circle around the antenna. This antenna comes standard with an SOS Gate Trigger or SOS Silent.

Directional Antenna

The SOS Directional Antenna allow the read range to focus on just one lane of traffic. This way an exiting vehicle will not open the gate.

SOS Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket is used to mount the Directional Antenna, SOS-D-ANT.